Education Technology Audits

Top schools are careful to ensure their technology doesn’t hinder student learning. Rather, they guarantee the technology in their classrooms and administrative offices enhance education.

Integrating the correct technology into the classroom requires a holistic view and can be quite an involved process. School District’s nationwide turn to the K-12 Technology Group because of our vast experience with education based technology integration.

The K-12 Technology Group Audit will answer your most difficult technology questions:

  • How do teachers feel about using technology?
  • Will new technologies work with your network?
  • Do teachers and students actually use it effectively?
  • What are the barriers to efficient use of technology in the classroom?
  • Is existing technology contributing to professional development?
  • Will we be able to maintain and support it on a daily basis?

A K12TG Technology Audit provides a detailed third party evaluation of your existing technology as well as a very clear path forward. The K12TG Audit Report provides a numeric score of your existing technology which ensures any new technology purchases are in line with district goals.