About Us

We’re an award-winning solutions provider. And we simplify IT.

Since 1990, K-12 Technology Group has been helping Wisconsin schools, districts, universities, and libraries optimize and simplify their IT networks. And we’ve been busy.

That’s because the education industry is constantly being challenged by technology’s rapid evolution. This challenge is rooted in the fact that many educators -- particularly in K-12 environments -- can’t afford staff with the requisite skills to manage and maintain complex IT.

Our approach is to help solve your technology challenges and provide a sustainable, budget-friendly path forward.

This allows us to improve your school district’s bottom line and, ultimately, enhance your ability to streamline the education experience for teachers and students alike. We’re ready to help with...

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Management of your Cloud Applications, Network Infrastructure, and Servers.

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Organized management of your education software licensing.

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Modern, education-based straightforward Cloud and On-Prem Voice Solutions.

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NIST-based comprehensive cyber security solutions protecting your entire network.

Comprehensive, cost-effective, education-focused technology services that aim to simplify IT. That’s K-12 Technology Group.