Education Technology Assessment

The K-12 Technology Group offers a Technology Audit to evaluate your network based on best practice currenlty deployed at schools across the Unites States

The K12TG Audit will answer your most difficult technology questions:

  • What vulnerabilities does the network have?
  • How do teachers feel about the technology they are using?
  • What are the barriers to efficient use of technology in the classroom?
  • Is the network fit to protect against outside threats?

Assessment and evaluation services are based on a 33-category gap analysis developed by us to expose deficiencies at your site’s existing technology integration and support methods. Each category is evaluated and scored according to best practice comparisons. Final assessment reports provides leadership with critical information, including the following:

  • Best practice deployment scenarios regarding generally accepted deployment standards
  • A comparative review of the actual deployment conditions based on in-depth analysis.
  • Necessary improvements and key recommendations required to bring existing technologies into compliance with best practices

A K12TG Technology Audit provides a detailed third party evaluation of your existing technology as well as a very clear path forward. The K12TG Audit Report provides a numeric score of your existing technology which ensures any new technology purchases are in line with district goals.