Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service, or DaaS for short, is a way to manage your desktop computers’ data, backups, upgrades, and security in the cloud. It has numerous benefits for schools, particularly in the ways that it saves on expenses.

Most school districts replace their machines every couple years (computers in classrooms, labs, teachers’ rooms, administration offices) so the costs are appreciable. But with DaaS, you can convert your existing machines into something called a “thin client.”

This allows for greater longevity of your existing computers, and, when those eventually fail, permit you to replace them with off-the-shelf thin clients which are cheaper than standard desktops.

K-12TG will make your implementation of DaaS a seamless one, and in addition to savings on hardware, bring your school the following key advantages:

  • Simple scalability makes adding users and projecting budgets a breeze
  • Easy upgrades of your OS and MS Office licensing with no additional costs
  • Total freedom to use any device (not only thin clients) to access the virtual desktop
  • Maintenance, support, security, and disaster recovery conveniently managed in the cloud

DaaS costs are typically based on a monthly, per-user scheme, plus bandwidth fees, so it's easy to predict expenses for your budgets and easy to add and remove users as needed.