Mobile Device Assessments

Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows for an efficient plan to be put in place to manage your students’ use of smartphones and tablets.

The two prevailing options for creating an enriching mobile environment for today’s youth are 1:1 and BYOD schemes. With the former, schools give all users the same device to connect to the wireless network. With the latter, students and staff use their own personal devices on WiFi.

Our MDM integrates with two industry-leading platforms to eliminate the frustration of setting up a dependable mobile device network by simplifying 5 key factors:

  • Centrally managing all devices from one interface for easy supervision and updating
  • Registering devices and enrolling users in WiFi, and setting up email and web access
  • Configuring email accounts, wireless access settings and email settings across all devices
  • Collecting data to track inventory, view installed apps, and monitor memory and drive space
  • Restricting access rights, setting passcodes and defining auto-lock and power-saving settings

Schools looking to create a relevant, effective, media-rich learning environment have a choice to make when it comes to mobile devices. Whether you go with a 1:1 or BYOD set-up, K-12TG can assess your needs, recommend a course of action, and help you implement it.