Cloud Services for Schools & Libraries

Migrating your voice and data systems to the cloud requires planning and partnering with the right technology firm.

Let the K-12 Technology Group engineering team help you determine the best technology for your District. Properly deployed Cloud services will reduce on site hardware management fees. K-12 Technology Group’s secure, affordable and reliable Cloud Services provide fixed fee access to your district’s voice and data resources.

Cloud Services from K-12 Technology Group are:


Voice and Data Resources easily updated and expand as needed.


We configure services to meet your exact district needs.


Securely Access files regardless of location, application updates and new deployments when needed.

Economically efficient

Let Technology reduce your management cost by investing in Cloud Services.

Interested in the Cloud, not sure if the could is right for you? Let our experienced team of engineers evaluate your unique needs. Contact us and let us help you make the right cloud decisions.