WiFi Networking for Schools & Libraries

Educational productivity is defined more and more by the quality, reliability, and performance of schools’ communications infrastructures.

And an enormous part of it depends on a fast, stable WiFi network since so many schools today rely on mobile devices and other wireless communications tools as part of the learning experience.

K-12 Technology Group’s engineers have created affordable, simple-to-implement strategies for measuring, upgrading, and monitoring your WiFi networks in the following areas:

  • Proper positioning of your WiFi access points
  • WAN acceleration to eliminate network sluggishness
  • Setting your routers’ standards and channel widths correctly
  • Eliminating non-essential devices that use up valuable bandwidth

Contact us today to discuss some of the basics of a fully-optimized wireless network, or even invite us over to your school for a FREE consultation on how to get top speed and performance for all your computer labs, classrooms, and admin offices that share WiFi coverage.